Full fibre broadband services and plans for Wiveliscombe and neighbouring rural parishes are continuing to develop, with varying levels of progress being made by providers throughout the Wivey area. 


Technological – going live in the Brendon Hills

Technological networkMost local progress has been made by Technological. This local company have built a live full fibre network from Shillingford to Skilgate, Upton, Huish Champflower and Chipstable, including Raddington and Waterrow. Work is in progress on extending to Clatworthy. Updates are emailed to those registered (update 17 was sent on 12 Jan 2022).

Technological’s network has been funded by the rural Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, which has closed to new applications. Technological can only serve households who have applied for this voucher funding. There are small gaps in their network, some of which they hope to cover if given permission by Connecting Devon and Somerset.

There is a new Project Gigabit voucher scheme, but this is more restricted and does not offer the same opportunities in our area.

Gigaclear – completing their Croford Network outside Wiveliscombe

As a legacy from their previous Connecting Devon and Somerset contract, Gigaclear have been working to complete their Croford fibre network, serving a linear path from Langley Marsh through Croford to Spring Grove. This went live at the end of 2021. Most of those on this network can now arrange a connection. To place an order or register your interest visit Gigaclear and start by checking your postcode.

Airband – new contract for rural parishes

At the end of 2020, Connecting Devon and Somerset awarded an open access contract to Airband to increase full fibre broadband coverage in Somerset West and Taunton, with delivery in phases from 2021 to 2024. Airband are currently reviewing their roll-out plans for our area and expect to be able to confirm timelines towards the end of January 2022.

It is worth registering your interest with Airband, especially if you live in Ashbrittle, Bathealton, Brompton Ralph, Fitzhead and Stawley.

Openreach – Wiveliscombe plans

Wiveliscombe Exchange AreaFollowing a change in Ofcom price cap rules on connection costs, Openreach announced plans in May 2021 to upgrade telephone exchanges and extend full fibre broadband to 20 million premises, including hard to serve communities in the South West. Online information says that the Wiveliscombe exchange area (shown in map) will be covered between April 2021 and December 2026. We may have to wait for more details on their local plans and some parts of the area may be covered by Airband. See their website for information on their other broadband services.

Other fibre progress

There have been examples of other fibre connections in the ward, notably by Openreach to a property in Clatworthy, which has also allowed a service to be provided to some properties in Huish Champflower. An Openreach build has been planned in Brompton Ralph, although there appear to be some doubts and Airband may now connect here.

UPDATED: 12 January 2022

2 thoughts on “Broadband progress and plans

    1. Paul, This should be on the way, although full details are still to be confirmed. Airband look best bet for you, so ensure you register, although Openreach may also be a possibility. Both should offer open access, so you should have a choice of service providers. See provider websites for costs of full fibre broadband services.

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