The result for Upper Tone in the election on 5 May 2022 to Somerset County Council (one year) and to the new Somerset Council (from 2023) was:

Dave Mansell – Green (1,687) – ELECTED

Gwil Wren – Independent (1,487) – ELECTED

Roger Habgood – Conservative (1,158)

James Hunt – Conservative (1,082)

John Hassell – Liberal Democrat (641)

Mike McGuffie – Labour (267)

Philip Thorne (137)

Thanks for all the help and support given. Gwil and I will do our best as representatives for Upper Tone on the new unitary council. I also look forward to working with four other Greens elected in Frome and with other councillors from around the county.

The overall result for the new council is:

Liberal Democrat – 61

Conservative – 36

Green Party – 5

Labour – 5

Independent – 3

Full results at Somerset County Council website.

Parishes in the Upper Tone division are shown below.

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