Wiveliscombe library

Library painted
The freshly painted Wiveliscombe Community Library in 2021

See following news posts on the campaign to save Wiveliscombe library from closure:

16/06/2018 – Save Wivey library

16/10/2018 – We can save our library

19/12/2018 – Saving our library

8/3/2019 – Wivey library’s new future

Future Wivey library

With others, I presented the following reports to Wiveliscombe Town Council on our library:

•  March 2018 – The Future of Wiveliscombe Library

•  November 2018 – Report and Recommendations on Wiveliscombe Library

•  December 2018 – Wiveliscombe Library: Report and Motion

Friends of Wiveliscombe Library published the legal advice in December 2018, which had been provided by Somerset County Council on the provision of funds by town and parish councils for library services. Wiveliscombe Town Council at the time refused to release this and some town councillors obstructed efforts to help save the library, although this was eventually agreed by a majority.