I am very pleased to have been re-elected to serve the Wiveliscombe and District ward on Somerset West and Taunton Council, along with Mark Blaker (Independent).

The full result, declared at about 3am on Friday 3 May 2019, was:


Dave Mansell (Green) – 1,070 votes (64%)
Mark Blaker (Independent) – 893 votes (53%)


Christopher Chanter (Conservative) – 430 votes (26%)
Phillip Thorne (Conservative) – 383 votes (23%)
Danny Clark-Lowes (Liberal Democrat) – 318 votes (19%)
Bryn Wilson (Independent) – 248 votes (15%)

Voters in the ward each had 2 votes and 3,342 valid votes were cast. Percentages above show support by all voters and assume each cast two votes (actually a few only cast one vote). Also assuming that two votes were cast per voter, the turnout was 41%. The total ward electorate is 4,050.     

Somerset West and Taunton Council Results

There are now two Greens on the District Council, as I am joined by Andy Pritchard who was elected in West Monkton and Cheddon Fitzpaine. Greens also came close in South Quantock and Norton Fitzwarren and Staplegrove.

The Conservatives have lost control of the Council and the new make-up is:

Liberal Democrat – 30 seats
Independent – 14 seats
Conservative – 10 seats
Labour – 3 seats
Green Party – 2 seats

The overall voter turnout in Somerset West and Taunton was only 27%.

On the new Council, it is likely the Green Party will form a group with the Independents.

The Liberal Democrats have previously called for a committee system on the Council to replace the Executive model. The Green Party strongly supports this change and looks forward to a committee system soon being put in place for Somerset West and Taunton, which will allow all groups to better work together and more councillors to be involved in decision-making.

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