Caroline Lucas has been Britain’s only Green Party MP since 2010 and has made tremendous efforts in helping to push forward a Green agenda in parliament.

For the General Election on 12 December 2019, the Greens agreed an electoral arrangement with the Lib Dems and Plaid Cymru, with the help of Unite to Remain. The Greens stood aside in Taunton Deane, while the Lib Dems stood aside in others seats, such as Bristol West.

In the European elections earlier this year, the Green Party secured more votes than the Conservatives, with the Greens receiving the most votes of all parties in Brighton and Hove, Bristol and Norwich, and coming second in Sheffield, Cambridge and Oxford.

The general election outcome was disappointing, but the total Green vote increased by over 60% to more than 850,000. These voters showed clear support for a Green New Deal to tackle the climate crisis, transform the economy and build a better country by putting citizens’ wellbeing at the heart of Government.

Green Party co-leader, Sian Berry, said: “It’s a shame that our broken first past the post system will not recognise the true political will of the people and I look forward to the day we win proportional representation so we can see our votes fully reflected in the number of Green MPs.”

Top results in 2019 for the Green Party were:

  • Brighton Pavilion – Caroline Lucas won and increased her vote to 57%
  • Bristol West – Carla Denyer came second with 25%
  • Dulwich and West Norwood – Jonathan Bartley came second with 16%
  • Bury St Edmunds – Green Party came 3rd with 16%
  • Isle of Wight – Green Party came 3rd with 15%

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