Broadband options for parishes around Wiveliscombe have progressed a little since my previous posts.

It remains best to register your interest with a number of potential providers, with some looking more likely to offer a service in some parishes, as detailed below. There is also a new broadband universal service obligation, provided by BT, which may offer a connection opportunity for some.

Register and find out about services offered at:
• Technological –
• BT broadband universal service –
• Gigaclear – (start by entering postcode)
• Openreach –

The following outlines local progress made by these providers and by Connecting Devon and Somerset.  



Despite the COVID restrictions, Technological have made good progress in building their fibre network from Shillingford to Skilgate, then to Upton and Huish Champflower, and now on to Clatworthy, Waterrow, Chipstable and Raddington. Most residents in Skilgate started receiving their new broadband service from May 2020, with more postcode areas added since, which is an on-going process as the network build continues. To register and see postcodes already served, in construction or planned, visit: (registration form at bottom of page).


Gigaclear should soon offer connections to their fibre network around Croford, which extends from Langley Marsh along Grant Lane and Quaking House Lane to Spring Grove and Bindon Farm. Gigaclear had to appoint a new contractor, who are expected to complete the build around the end of the year. They should then be able to start making connections and offering a service in this area only to those who have registered interest. There is only a small chance Gigaclear might further extend the network to nearby areas in future if demand is shown by registered interest.


It was announced on 9th July 2020, that Brompton Ralph is amongst communities due to receive new fibre connections delivered by Openreach for Connecting Devon and Somerset over the next two years.

A quote was obtained from Openreach for a community partnership for over 100 properties in the Stawley area, but the cost was too high at over £2,000 per property.

Connecting Devon and Somerset – New Contracts

There are still no details on progress with Connecting Devon and Somerset’s new procurement process to find new contractors to roll-out superfast broadband in Somerset, which was announced in February 2020. They have told me that they “will not be able to confirm where delivery will happen until this process in complete”. It has been said contracts should be awarded in December 2020, so it is hoped more will be known soon after.

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